A fun new way to grow your own food.

Good roots give you good shoots!

Hang up your herbs.

Your route to self-sufficiency.

Reconnect with nature and eat seasonally.

Vertical Gardens For Fresh Food With Abundant Flavour!

Vertical Veg (Pty) Ltd manufactures ready-to-use pocket panels that are easy to install and easy to maintain. Where space is at a premium vertical gardens are the ideal solution. If you have a wall – you can have a garden!

Our pockets are large enough to grow most herbs and vegetables. Install your vertical garden and you won’t look back – experience the joy of eating your own, locally grown, fresh vegetables and herbs. Even if you only have the tiniest balcony on which to grow your produce, we’ll make sure you have happy and healthy herbs and veg.

How To Plant Your Panel For The Best Results


Get started by downloading instructions on planting your own fantastic vertical garden here.

Be inspired! · Try new tastes! · Delight your palate!

We offer free on-site assessments and quotes.

Vertical Veg will make sure your gardening efforts bear fruit.