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Vertical Veg gardens allow you to have fresh, organically grown, herbs and veg on your doorstep. All with a minimal carbon footprint!

“Our panels are made from a geotextile fabric and have a soft felt texture. They are designed to be lightweight but durable, sturdy and tough.
We offer a One Year Guarantee on all our products. T’s and C’s are available on request.”

How To Install Our Panels

Vertical Veg panels are a ready-to-use pocket system which can be easily installed onto most wall surfaces. A few screws or nails, or even cable ties (depending on the wall surface) will see your panel up and ready to fill in a jiffy.

The panels come in 8 sizes:

  • 15 pockets
  • 10 pockets
  • 6 pockets
  • 5 pockets
  • 4 pockets small
  • 4 pockets
  • 2 pockets
  • 1 pocket

Other Products

  • Balcony panel
  • Veggie Pot

For specifications on each panel and detailed installation guidelines, please see the Products page.

Custom-Made Units To Fit Your Requirements

Because we manufacture the panels, we can also custom-make to your requirements, to fit your space. We can measure your space, make and install frames and panels. For the installation of watering systems and planting up of the panels, we can make arrangements to have it done.

Please contact us directly for a quote.

This Versatile Product Can Be Installed Everywhere

Whether you have an apartment or a large garden, a restaurant, hotel or lodge, Vertical Veg food-growing panels offer you the opportunity to grow your own food, be as self-sufficient as possible, eat seasonally and enjoy the experience of eating fresh, natural and very tasty produce.

Vertical Veg panels can also be used to grow decorative indoor and outdoor plants. Cover an unsightly wall, bring interest to a dull corner, add colour to your garden space – quickly and easily with any size panel.

Keep Your Plants Moist

To make your life easier the vertical panels can be fitted with a drip-irrigation system, for easy maintenance. A gutter can also be fixed onto the base of the panel frame to direct the flow of water away, into a specified drain. Water can be collected and recycled through the system.When planting up your panels add vermiculite or water-retention granules to the soil medium for water-wise gardening

…And Fertilised

An in-line fertigator, or fertiliser system, can also be installed directly into the watering system to supply your plants with nutrients.

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