Get creative with the basics – here are two butters that will change your breads and your cooking in a very exciting way…

Herb Butter

You will need:

2 Tablespoons of chopped herbs – such as Parsley, Thyme, Marjoram – or any of your choice.

½ cup butter – softened

A squeeze of lemon juice

Salt and pepper

What to do:

Mix together these ingredients in a bowl till well blended.

Store in the fridge for a day to allow the flavours to develop.

Use to butter hamburger buns, toast, or use to fry. Very delicious over hot veg.

Chive Butter with Blue Cheese

This herby blue cheese butter goes exceptionally well with steak, chops and fish. It can also be used as a spread on crackers served with preserved figs.

You will need:

¼ cup butter, softened
¼ cup blue cheese, crumbled
1Tbls lemon juice
3 Tbls finely chopped chives
a pinch of pepper
a dash of Worcester sauce
1 tsp brandy

What to do:

Blend all the ingredients in a mixing bowl, cover and store in refrigerator to allow the flavours to develop. Soften slightly at room temperature before serving.

Add a dab to a cooked steak, use it to fry fish or serve with crackers as part of a cheese board with fruit.