Let’s do something really adventurous! Here is a recipe to start now and use when the lockdown is over – hopefully as a great celebratory liqueur!

(A bit like flavouring Gin but a little more work!)

Spicy Thyme Warmer:

What you need:

A clean and dried bottle large enough to hold 1 litre.   

15cm stick Cinnamon

¼ Vanilla pod

1 teaspoon Coriander seeds – lightly crushed

½ teaspoon Mace powdered/crushed (or Nutmeg)

Peel of small Lemon

1 heaped Tablespoon of fresh Thyme – leaves stripped off the stalks.

600ml Vodka or other alcohol (like Gin or White Rum)

225g Honey

300ml Water

What to do:

Crush the first 6 ingredients(above) finely in a mortar. Put it into the bottle. Cover with the alcohol. Close tightly. Leave in a cool dark place to macerate/steep in the alcohol for 15 days. Shake the bottle occasionally.

On day 16 filter the liquid using a fine sieve or coffee filter paper.

Heat the honey with the water and allow to cool. Stir well and add to the filtered alcohol.

Add a fresh sprig of Thyme to a glass, an ice cube or two, top up with liqueur and Cheers!