For the next two days I have included recipes that have Biblical origins – they are very old middle eastern ones which have been mentioned in the Bible, and

the herbs used were found in the region millenia ago.

Ur: Green Butter Herb Cheese:

…For as the churning of milk produces butter… Proverbs 30:33

You will need:

1 Tablespoon of each of the following chopped herbs:

Mint, parsley, dill, green scallion tops, coriander leaves, rocket and thyme.

225g fresh curd cheese or cream cheese, or whipped cottage cheese, at room temperature.

125g butter at room temperature.

Salt to taste.

What to do:

In a bowl mash the herbs, cheese and butter together and add salt to taste.

Set it aside in the fridge overnight for the flavours to mingle.

Serve with Matzah, toasted bread or over warmed vegetables.

Alternate recipe:

Fresh Cheese with Garlic and Herbs:

You will need:

4 cloves Garlic.

2 Tblsp Olive oil.

1 Tblsp herbs made up of the following Parsley, thyme and dill.

225g fresh Curd cheese at room temperature.

Salt to taste.

What to do:

Gently sauté garlic in 1 Tblsp oil till golden. Set aside to cool. Mash garlic with herbs adding in the other tblsp of oil. Mix into cheese. Add salt to taste.

Leave aside to let the flavours develop for a couple of hours. Form into balls and serve with a crisp salad and crackers or matzah.