Eating from your garden is the ultimate pleasure. Broad beans are now growing and once harvested this recipe will be just what you need!

For now, you can easily substitute the beans with Edamame beans or cooked peas or sprouted chickpeas. Make it your own with any toppings and change up the lettuces and herbs used in the base for endless variety.

Green Salad with Beetroot, Avocado and Broad Beans

You will need:

Fancy/wild Lettuce leaves

Snipped young saladings of Rocket, Lettuces, Basil, Mustard lettuce, Chives, Tat soi and Pak choi and whatever other herbs available.

Beetroot – cubed – boiled or roasted

Avocado – slices

Broad beans – cooked and skins off

or Edamame beans or chickpeas

Mixture of sprouted legumes (optional)

Small tomatoes (optional)

Goats’ cheese crumbled (optional)

Sunflower seeds (optional)

Coarse Salt, Black Pepper

Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar

What to do:

In a bowl or on a platter, construct salad with large leaves as the base, followed by beetroot and avocado.

Sprinkle beans over the salad. (Can add optional extras too)

Add seasonings and a dressing.