Vertical Veg Veggie pots come in three sizes. The smallest will hold 5 litres of soil, the next 10 litres and the biggest will take about 20 litres. Choose the pot size according to what you want to grow.

The 20 litre pot has slits in the lining of the pot to be able to slide stakes down without disturbing any of the roots of the plants. This makes it ideal for growing tall plants that will need staking as they get bigger, such as cannabis, beans, peas, tomatillas and tomatoes to name a few.

At this time of the year it is perfect for starting to grow broad beans and climbing peas.

1.Soak pea and bean seeds between two layers of kitchen towel for a few days, till the seeds swell and start to sprout.

2. Seeds starting to sprout.

3.Seeds have sprouted well and are ready for planting out into your pots.

4. Peas planted along side the stakes in a 20 litre pot.