About Us


Who is Vertical Veg? and Why?

Do you want to experience the pleasure of growing and eating your own, organic produce?  Want to be empowered to grow your own and begin your journey to being really healthy? Maybe even self-sufficient in some food plants?

You don’t need a lot of space… and no prior gardening experience is needed!

What we do allows you to experience the joy of growing your own produce, eat fresh, tasty food every day and be happily healthy!!

Vertical Veg (Pty) Ltd is an owner-run SME which manufactures beautifully designed, artisanal hanging planters and fabulous fabric pots and accessories.

The passion behind the products is to facilitate everyone being able to ‘grow-their-own…’ whether it be herbs, veggies, flowers or other plants; regardless of how little or how much space is available. To engage with nature and be in touch with life.

We are small, we are local and we manufacture with almost 100% local content. Our staff make our business and we honour each one for their contribution to our success.

Most of all we have our customers needs at heart – we offer service like no other, from prompt delivery to loads of advice and help where you need it most.

Our Traveling Panels

Our products that have been bought from us in Cape Town.