What are the panels made of?

The main body of the panel is made from a geotextile. This is an artificial fibre with a lovely felt texture.

How long will they last?

Correctly maintained (see instructions with each panel) they should last 5 – 10 years.

Will the panel rot or change colour?

Since soil and water are placed in the pockets, it is natural for the colour from the soil to drain through. So yes, it will change colour and develop a patina on the outside over time. The pockets can be washed if you would like to do that. The fabric will not rot nor tear with proper maintenance (see instructions with each panel).

Is there a guarantee / warranty on the panels?

We offer a one -year manufacturer’s guarantee on our panels. T & C’s apply.

Planting & Maintenance:

How much soil will each pocket take?

This depends on the size of the panel you have purchased. The big pockets take 3dm3 of soil and the small pockets take 1,5 – 2dm3

What sort of soil should I use?

We recommend a light potting soil – ask at your nursery.

What plants can I plant?

We suggest herbs and soft leafy vegetables as well as edible flowers but any plants of your choice can be planted – as long as they do not get too tall and heavy (they will snap)

How do I water the panel?

The panel can be watered by hand with a watering can or a hose or a drip irrigation system can be fitted to surround the panel, and also be incorporated into an existing irrigation system.

How often should I water the plants?

This will depend on a few things: on the type of plant and its’ requirements, the type of soil you have used and lastly the aspect where you have placed the panel. Treat as you would for pot plants – which usually need more water and food than those in open ground. If it is in too hot a place, it will dry out more quickly.

How often should I feed my planted panels?

This will depend on the type of plants you have, and their requirements. Generally, we recommend using a liquid feed either directly into each pocket or if you have the panel on an irrigation system then adding food into that system.

How do I install my panel?

All our panels come with their own installation instructions. These can also be found on our website here

Can I replant the panel?

Once plants are past their best or have died, they can be removed and the pocket replanted. This can be done several times. (as one would with any pot plant).


Where can I get the panels?

Panels can be purchased directly from the online shop on our website. If you would prefer you may mail us and we can arrange for delivery to you.

Vertical Veg panels are also sold on various other online shops if you wish to purchase other goods at the same time– please see our website for details here.

How can I pay for the panels?

Vertical Veg is linked to the PayFast payment gateway which is secure. Once you have chosen to pay through PayFast you will be directed to their site to complete payment.

Alternately you can send us a mail with your order and we can invoice you for the amount and send you our banking details. Delivery will be arranged on proof of payment.

Who will do the delivery?

Delivery will be through our courier – usually to your door.  You will get a tracking number via email through them.

We are always available to help with your Vertical Gardening questions.
We can be contacted either through the website, through email : info@verticalveg.co.za or on mobile: +27 82 7205437.