Vertical gardens are the solution to a lack of garden space in inner-city living.

It’s about having the freshest produce at your fingertips – whenever you need it, organically grown and pesticide-free.

It’s about greening the urban environment, getting back to being in touch with nature, being self-sufficient and eating well.

It’s about reducing food miles and your carbon footprint.

About seasonality and sustainability.


Vertical Gardens range in both size and functionality – from a few food-growing panels attached to the simplest informal dwelling (where a vertical garden will provide the basic vegetables and herbs for sustenance), to massively decorated walls – enhancing the architectural space and greening the environment.


For the Hospitality Industry vertical gardens tick all the boxes that define eco-friendliness and environmental awareness.

Having a wall of edibles on hand, offers seasonality of produce as well as meeting personal requirements for signature dishes and restaurant staples.


Vertical Veg (Pty) Ltd is a Cape Town-based SME, specialised in manufacturing vertical gardening panels for growing herbs and other food plants simply and easily, in limited spaces. Standard panel sizes are available and panels can be custom – made to fit your space. Light-weight and easy to install, these are the solution for growing-your-own!